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Xian Tianli Clad Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was formerly Clad Metal Materials Lab of Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research. Our Company was restructuring established in 25th Dec 2003, we have three explosion spots and two factories that total area about 25000m2 in Xi’an and Baoji, and the existing production capacity of 25000T/Y. Our company is the high-tech enterprise which technology leading (explosion, rolling, explosion - rolling three methods of processing), most species of product (clad plates, clad bars, clad joints), the best quality (for military industry, aerospace and foreign metal clad materials) in nonferrous, rare and refractory metal clad material as the leading products and the development direction in the most of Chinese clad plate manufacturers, and the strongest comprehensive strength in the domestic.

In currently, our products have been serialized, specialization, scale as we have complete matching closed production line. Formed with rare and refractory metal clad plate based (such as titanium steel, zirconium steel, tantalum steel), non-ferrous metal, stainless steel and other metal clad plate by the product mix, become the domestic production of clad metal materials of the leading manufacturers and specialized company.

Since from 1997, products batch export to Israel, India, Japan, Korea, Europe, etc., as well as obtained the qualified supplier certificate from many famous international company, such as BP, ALSTOM, MES. We are one of the famous manufacturing enterprise explosion clad metal composite materials.