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Our Company Participate “The Fourth Seminar For Refinery And Equipment Supply And Demand”

April 10th 2015, our company general manager Mr. Li Pingcang and Vice Manager of Markeing Mr. Wang Hunian took part in “The fourth seminar for refinery and equipment supply and demand”on behalf of the company.

The conference sponsored by the China petroleum and petrochemical engineering research association, petroleum and petrochemical system unit and is engaged in vavle, environmental protection, sealing and water treatment and other related units attended the conference. Conference centered on the future development trend of Chinese energy cosumption, energy distribution, petrochemical, self-priming pump, hydrocracking technology, coal chemical technology, heavy oil deep processing and integration of desulfurization denitration technology in the conference and discussion. 

To attend this conference is to carry out annual key work of the conference report ---- “Promote sales upgrade, increase the intensity of research and analysis of the market, proactive and strength communication, and established foundation for enter petroleum and petrochemical.