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The Approval Application For The Major Project Of National “863” Plan

Under the guidence of general manager, our company and University of Dongbei, AnSteel, Najing Steel and other six companies joint apply for the major project of national “863” plan -- “Research and Production Technical Development for high manganese and high strength medium plate and Ti/CS clad plate for offeshore platform” (Project No.: 2015AA03A501) obtained from the financial support of technology division, and the funds is 2.3 million Yuan that is our highest untill now.

Project kick-off meeting has been held in State Key Laboratory of Rolling and Rolling Automation in Northeastern University, our general manager Mr. Li Pingcang and Head of R&D and technology center Mrs. Zhao Hui have attended the meeting. In the peirod of meeting, Mr. Li Pingcang aimed at the research process, problem and suject of management to published unique experience and advice, the participants are consensus.

This project is the lastest batch of the major project of national “863” plan, one side stated the research strength and position in industry of our company is highly regarded in state technology division, and we will draw a satisfactory full stop for the major project of national “863” plan; other side, tthe main directio of his project is “offshore platform material” that is what we are working to develop the field in recent years. With the aid of “863” plan will be more than conductive the promotion of metal clad materials to the offshore engineering field to develop new field, expand new market for taking concerte step forward.