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Titanium Clad Copper

  • Ta Tantalum Clad Steel Plate

    Contact NowTa Tantalum Clad Steel PlateTa Tantalum clad steel plate can be used in nuclear energy engineering, chemical equipment, aerospace, electrical and electronic equipment, military equipment, mechanical equipment, etc.Read More

  • Zr/CS Zirconium Clad Steel Plate

    Contact NowZr/CS Zirconium Clad Steel PlateZr/CS Zirconium Clad Steel Plate combines the advantages of both zirconium and steel. It not only can achieve special strong corrosion resistance of pressure vessels, but also greatly reduces the manufacturing cost.Read More

  • Silver Clad Copper Plate

    Contact NowSilver Clad Copper PlateSilver Clad Copper Plate is made by coating silver on copper material and has the advantages of silver and copper. The overall performance is better than pure silver materials. It has high peel strength. It can save precious metals and reduce production costs.Read More

  • Ti Titanium Clad Steel Plate

    Contact NowTi Titanium Clad Steel PlateThe composite material of titanium and ordinary steel is called titanium clad steel plate, which has both the corrosion resistance of titanium and the strength of ordinary steel plate as a structural material. What is important is that the cost has also dropped...Read More

  • Ti Cladded Plates

    Contact NowTi Cladded PlatesTi cladded plates are coated with titanium metal on the surface of ordinary steel plates. The corrosion resistance of ordinary steel plates naturally increases. It is mainly used for pressure vessels, boilers, nuclear reactors, reservoirs, etc.Read More